Castro’s revolution

Thursday, February 7th, 2013



New Book.

New unit.

You have to look things up.

What is the signifigance of the above picture?  Yes that is who you think it is.

The July 26th movement?

Jose Marti?

the Granma?

Herbert Matthews?

Fangio? (kidding, but it is interesting)


the hotel in NYC?

Find all of those references in the reading and you should be set for the quiz!

What I find most interesting here is Gott’s perspective on the relationship between Fidel and communisim.  Hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and then there’s this.  Nixon’s car getting attacked.


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  1. Claire Olmstead says:

    Reading this chapter gave me a new perspective on both Castro and Che Guavara. I had never thought of either man as an intellectual, or ever really thought about their personalities. Part of this may be that Gott writes through a British lense, whereas Kissinger can only describe Castro on relation to the United States. The two revolutionaries aren’t portrayed as villains in this chapter the way Kissinger has written about them in the past. I usually think of Castro as a ruthless dictator who wanted to destroy the US, but now I see he was a charismatic leader who had genuine plans for Cuba and its people.

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