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Welcome back!

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

summer 13

Hello everybody!  This is my favorite picture from the summer.  We were on the ferry crossing Lake Michigan on our way to Maine.  Its beautiful country back there and we got to see some family and dear old friends.

But now you’re here!  We’re here and its time to get started!  I don’t know what you’ve heard about the class but it really is my baby.  I built it from the ground up over ten years ago really absorbing very little, if anything from the previous teachers.  It is a serious college level class as many of alum will attest to.  Be prepared to do some heavy lifting.  In this class you will read many books but the two tomes, Henry Kissinger’s “Diplomacy” and Jonathon Spence’s “Search for Modern China” are two of the most challenging history sources you will ever confront. 

On Day 1 you’ll be given a copy of a chapter from Kissinger’s latest book, “On China”.  On day 2 you will have a quiz.  The first of many many quizzes.  Every day in Topics you will have either a quiz or a test, so be prepared!

If you’re enrolled in the class I need you to check in here so go ahead and leave a comment.  Ther will be a blog post every day of my own musings about the chapter for the day.  Any semi-thoughtful comment will net you an extra credit point on the quiz but first I must approve of you so we don’t get over run by trolls.

So… welcome!  You’re in for a great great year.