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Thursday, August 30th, 2012

The waning days of summer.  Your last (hopefully) summer of HS.  Big moves are afoot and its a very exciting year for all of you and I’m excited to be part of it.

As I’ll share with you on our first day the IB HL history course is my baby.  I love TOK and Big History is fun but HL history is just the closest I have gotten to the fun and rigor I was finally exposed to in college and which I’ve always wanted to bring in to the high school arena.

That said the feedback I’ve had over the years it that this course truly is a college level course in terms of the expectations and demands.  If you enjoyed TOK with me, or You & the Law, be warned, that though I’m the same old guy, the expectations here are much higher.

For now what I need all of you to do is check in on the blog.  This is one way for you to delve in to the readings besides the daily discussions and quizzes and is also a way for you to earn credit in the class.  But first I must “approve” of you so we don’t get a bunch of trolls.  So say hello, share with me in your comment why you’re taking the class, and you’ll see your comment appear the next day.  After you’ve been approved your comments in future blog posts, which I do for each class session, will appear immediately.

So, cheers, welcome, and here’s to a great year!