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the twisting path…

Sunday, October 18th, 2009











OK first off… who are these guys?  Look at their “Works by” lists.  When where and why did they write and where do you think their sympathies might lie?  We know Kissinger worked for Nixon so it is no suprise that Kissinger has already mentioned “Tricky Dick” several times even thouigh we’re barely into 1940.  Who do you think A&B will center on?

A&B I believe paint a rather different picture of FDR.  In March of 1939, after Hitler’s conquest of CZ, they point out he failed to support a Senate resolution that would allow firm backing of the “democracies”.  HK cites the Quarantine speech of 1937, two full years earlier, arguing FDR knew of the threat of the totalitarian states and was trying to draw attention and sympathy to that threat.

To what extent do you agree with either one of them?

IA outline

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Your outline should follow the structure of the history IA with some treatment given to each section as follows;


pretty much what you gave me before but updated and edited.

Summary of Evidence

As many facts as you can throw at me.  Ten would be a good start.  Full citations.

Evaluation of sources

Name the two out of your 5-10 sources that you intent to evaluate


What you hope to be discussing based on the continuation of your research.


What you think you might conclude.


Full bibliographic information of all sources.