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coup v. revolution

Monday, September 28th, 2009

What is the difference between a coup and a revolution.   “For how can one betray a revolution?” Pipes asks.

rusoktober.asmI believe this image is the one Pipes references which is in fact from a film by the famous Russian film maker Eisenstein.  Pipes says there was no storming of the winter palace as shown above but that it was all made up and even Lenin thought it as easy, “as picking up a feather”.

In a truth stranger than fiction the British government was trying to gauge the size and strength of the Soviet Navy in the years between the wars and  in another of Eisenstein’s famous films “Potemkin” there are several long shots of the Soviet Navy that make it look very impressive and made the British estimate the size of the navy as much larger than it actually was.  Turns out Eisenstein used file footage of the British navy for those shots!  They didn’t recognize their own navy!

Remember your IA proposals tomorrow.  1 page typed.  Topic, question(s) sources why you’re interested in it what you hope to find etc etc.

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