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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Here are my two girls!  In all seriousness this is just like the most cool thing ever.  The whole birth went just as well as we could hope and Isabella (here) and Calvin are just smitten with their new little sister.  Mommy is doing well, but very tired, and its a very good thing for me to be home right now. Sorry, but I think you all will be fine.

Just a reminder.  Terms due on Friday and each one needs some specific reference (eg “Kissinger”) to the reading to be counted.  I am planning on coming in Friday afternoon and getting your tests to grade over the weekend.  This is your first essay test and though I do recognize that I also have very high expectations of each of you.  You essay when you’re done should be a minimum of three written pages and very often better essays are five or six. 

Unit 3.  Unit 3 is very short.  Be sure to pick it up Friday and the book.  Richard Pipe’s book is in my room and you all need a copy and need to read chapter 1 by Tuesday.  Gotta go change diaper.  Have fun.